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While staple items of the cuisine are Momos, Thukpa and a local beer 'Chang', fermented foods are popular given the natural conditions.The people of Sikkim love to eat and they cook some of the most delicious items available in north-east with momo being one of the most popular ones. Sikkim food primarily consist of noodles, thukpas, soups and other fermented dishes owing majorly to its very cold climate. Rice is however its main food item. Momos, also known as wantons and dumplings, are favorite amongst the locals as well as the tourists. People coming to Sikkim would never miss the opportunity to taste the amazing momos here which have different fillings ranging from chicken to pork to beef. Boiled and steamed items are found to be mainly existent here with not much use of masalas but other local herbs and spices. Food here is always accompanied by some drinks like the local beer, rum or whiskey.

Thukpa is a Tibetan word, which means noodle. It is generally served with soup. Thukpa contains of noodle, chili powder, and pea soup. Momo is one kind of a snack, which contains flour and water dough, white flour and meat, vegetables or cheese filling. Chhupri is prepared from cow milk.Kinema is a fermented soybean food, which is rich in protein. Bamboo shoot is a famous food item of Sikkim. This product often used with pork to make a irresistible curry and also to make pickle. Gundruk and Sinki soup are also famous food items in Sikkim. These are prepared from fermented vegetables, onion, tomato, turmeric and chili powder. Mesu pickle is made of fermented bamboo shoots. Sidra ko achar is a dry fish pickle. Sishnu soup is prepared from nettle leaves, rice, garlic, and salt and turmeric powder. They also prepare alcoholic beverages from maize, millet, rice, fermented cassava root and from barley.

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