1.How many days will it take to tour Sikkim completely?

There are many plans available with varying durations of days to tour Sikkim. However, in general, it might take you a minimum of 8-10 days to tour the whole of Sikkim and experience all that Sikkim has for you. So it is best recommended to plan a tour to Sikkim with a good number of days available at hand. But if time is a limitation for you, you can very choose pre-designed plans from our itinerary where we have strategically placed important destinations to cover within a limited number of days.

02. Is the weather of Sikkim too harsh for someone from plain areas?

The season of summer is considered to be best and pleasant for people who are traveling to Sikkim and are from plain areas of India. The winter months are also recommended as a good time to travel Sikkim but it can get colder as the season it is. The weather can get uncomfortable for people who are not habituated to cold temperatures but they can be mitigated with proper clothing and health care. People traveling to Sikkim are always advised to carry warm clothes and be prepared for the cold weather.

03. Do I get the option to choose only from the given tour plans or can I get a customized one?

Yes, all customers are given options to get a customized tour planned for them as accordingly to their likings. The prepared tour plans are also strategically planned and offer the best services.

04. Is Sikkim accessible all around the year?

Yes, Sikkim is accessible all year through roadways via Siliguri, West Bengal. However, it is generally recommended to avoid any touring plans during the months of monsoon that is usually June to September as the heavy rainfall in the region causes the occurrence of several land and mudslides which becomes tricky and dangerous to travel. Summer and winter months are best accessible and also considered safe to travel to Sikkim.

05. Can I hire a bike to ride around Sikkim?

Yes, people traveling to Sikkim can hire a bike to ride around the towns. However, there are certain locations that come under protected areas of Sikkim where permission is not allowed for individual or group travelers due to understandable reasons of national security.

06. How can I get a permit to tour protected areas of Sikkim?

One can apply for a permit online on the website portal of the Sikkim government which is dedicated to the issuance of permits and tourism related matters. Also, there are many locations set up by the Sikkim government fro where tourists can apply for permits.

Note: The rules and permissions differ for Indian nationals and foreign nationals. Kindly do check thoroughly to be on the safe side and to be prepared beforehand. One can visit this Sikkim government site to know more about the Protected and Restricted Area Permits :


07. Can I stay in a monastery if I wish to?

As of general rules, there’s no staying facility in any of the monasteries of Sikkim for people traveling to those places. However, almost all monastery sites have various homestay facilities which are situated so close to it as one can feel to be staying at a monastery itself. People irrespective of their faith and religion can attend the prayers and daily rituals that are performed in a monastery.

08. When should I visit Sikkim to witness snowfall?

To witness snowfall at higher altitude regions of Sikkim, the winter months that are from November to February are best recommended where all the regions receive fresh layers of snow and the whole place glows with white ice sheets.

09. Can I plan for a trip to West Bengal destinations along with Sikkim destinations?

Yes, in a customized tour plan one can plan for visiting both the places of West Bengal as well as Sikkim. All the important destinations of both the states are very well connected via many routes and thus one can even plan sightseeing activities while traveling via any route.

10. Does a person have to be very physically strong to participate in trekking activities?

No, the different difficulty levels of different treks ask for different physical endurance capacities. One can choose those where they are confident physically and mentally with their present condition. Treks on their difficulty levels range with easy, moderate, and difficult.

11. Is there proper network connectivity in all areas of Sikkim?

The main towns and cities of Sikkim have a very well network connection and may pose trouble with connectivity. However certain rural areas or outskirt areas of Sikkim may pose some connectivity trouble for which travelers are recommended to be prepared with important tasks beforehand and also inform someone close about their travel plan if aware that they will travel somewhere outward of town.

12. What things should I carry in general when visiting Sikkim?

- People traveling to Sikkim are requested to be prepared with the following list of items before they commence with their travel towards Sikkim:

- Warm clothes: The general weather of Sikkim is cold and may cause discomfort.

- Identification documents: Some areas of Sikkim come under protected areas and to apply for a permit, you may need to show some of your identification documents.

- Passport size photos: To attach in the permits.

- Handy cash: Digital payments can be made at most of the locations, however, due to connectivity issues one may face an issue while making any kind of payment and thus it is better to have some cash in reserve.

- Permits: If you have received your permit before reaching Sikkim, kindly do not forget to carry it along with you and if possible also carry it along with yourself to all places that you travel especially people of foreign nationality.

If you have taken care of the minimum things noted above, you are well good to go for a lovely tour to the state of Sikkim that will translate into a memory for a lifetime.

13. Is Nathu La pass open all days of week?

No. Important point to note here is that the Nathu La pass is closed every Monday and Tuesday of a week and remains open for visit on other days.

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