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Traditions & Culture East Sikkim

The three main ethnic that habituate in East Sikkim are Lepchas, Bhutias, and the Nepalese with business communities forming the fourth community who are mostly settled in the urban areas. With Hinduism and Buddhism being the two most prominent religions, the district still depicts an open and liberal culture where people from all backgrounds intermingle freely and reside with brotherhood. These myriad Cultures have produced a quintessential Sikkimese Culture that encompasses all ways and walks of life but has also managed to preserve their own identity. These can also be seen in the various places of Worship, Festivals, and Cultural dances that are celebrated throughout the year. The state also has several religious sacred sites of all religious faiths such as gurudwara at Gurudongmar Lake at 17,100 ft., 108 feet statue of Guru Padmasambhava at Samdruptse, the Chardham in Namchi and the Buddha Park at Ravangla, the Sai Temple at Daramdin, and the Sridi Temple at Assanthang. Both men and women enjoy equal societal rights in the state and have a rich culture of promoting gender equality.

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