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Food East Sikkim

The staple food of the local population here is rice with maize also functioning as a staple food. Dal (lentils), fresh vegetables, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and nettle leaves also form an important part of the diet. The non-veg items popular here are mostly are beef, pork, and fish. People also consume dairy products depending upon their availability in the region. The practice of eating fermented vegetables and beverages is a norm in the tradition. This helps to preserve vegetables when they become out of season. Soups, an assortment of pickles (a unique one with each dish), and a variety of beverages make the food more delightful and help the people to face the chilly weather of the district.

The famous recipes of the East district are:

  • ● Momo (steamed dumpling)
  • ● Tomato Achar (Pickle)
  • ● Thukpa /Gya-Thuk (Noodle soup)
  • ● Kinema curry (Fermented soybean)
  • ● Gundruk and Sinki Soup (Fermented vegetable)
  • ● Gundruk ko Achar (Pickle)
  • ● Chhurpi Soup (Traditional cottage cheese)
  • ● Chhurpi ka Achar (Pickle)
  • ● Chhurpi-Ningro Curry (Chhurpi with wild fern)
  • ● Sel Roti (Fermented rice product)
  • ● Mesu Pickle (Fermented bamboo shoot)

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