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Tukla Valley

A little uphill travel from New Baba Mandir, one will find the heaven of Tukla valley. Majestic snow covered valley during winter and blooming with red with the growth of wild blooms in autumn, this valley is situated at an elevation of 12,500 ft. The true beauty of the Tibetan Highlands can be experienced at Tukla Valley. This Tibetan highland demo-graphed beauty also gets historical importance from the war memorial built in memory of the British soldiers who fell at the Battle of Tukla. Along with this and the beauty of Sikkim falling nothing short of supply, one can also visit the regal blue Kupup lake which is located close to Tukla Valley and also renowned as Elephant lake. The best time to visit Tukla valley and Kupup lake is during the months of May and June when the climate is perfect for the place to travel and the flowers are in full bloom. Valley and lake remain nearly closed during the months of January to the end of April.

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