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Karma Rabdenling Goenpa

The Karma Rabdenling Goenpa of Ralong near Rabong is the oldest Karma Kagyu goenpa of Sikkim. Built around 1730 AD by Miwang Gyurmed Namgyal, the fourth Denjing Chogyal. Thus goenpa was built by Chogyal to fulfill a promise made by him to the 12th Gyalwa Karmapa, Changchhub Dorje (1703-1732) of building a Kagyu goenpa in Sikkim and providing befitting patronage to it. This monastery resembles the rich history and traditions of the Chogyal Dynasty and the people of Sikkim. Being one amongst the six “Goenchen(s)” or the premier monasteries of Sikkim, Ralong Karma Rabdeling Goenpa is an experience-enriching place to visit.

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