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Culture-and-Community of South Sikkim

South Sikkim is inhabited by Nepali descent people as the majority, and other ethnic groups such as Lepcha and Bhutia form the minorities here. Nepali is also the most spoken language, widely used by all ethnic groups of people. The majority of people are followers of Hindusim while Buddhism being the second most followed religion. The district also has many pilgrimages and worshipping sites which shows the general involvement of the locals in religious activities. Namchi Mahotsav, the festival of Art, Culture, and Tradition is celebrated every year in the month of October offering the visiting tourists a sneak peek into the cultural diversity of Sikkim and in its people. The festival is celebrated with dance and cultural performances. The Mahotsav also promotes traditional skills and handicrafts like Thanka paintings, Choksis and Dens, coupled with ethnic Sikkimese cuisines like Shel-Roti, Wachipa, Gyakho, Chewra, and others to name a few. Here one can have a glimpse of traditional Sikkimese costumes like Bakhu-Honju, Gada, Daura Sural & others. The people of South Sikkim also celebrate the fertility of soil and agricultural produce with great enthusiasm. Maghe Sankranti is one of the most important festivals of the Nepali community, which has been in existence for centuries. This festival is held in the second week of January. This is the day when the Sun makes a transit from Dhana, Capricorn, and enters Makar or Sagittarius, the third last sign of the Zodiac. This festival marks the beginning of spring. It is celebrated in a grand manner at Jorethang with all the cultural events, games, sports, paragliding and is participated by all the communities.

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