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Climate-and-Weather of South Sikkim

South Sikkim being is the lower laps of the Himalayas which predominantly gives it the chilled weather around the year. Consisting of various physical features such as meadows, valleys, and peaks, South Sikkim has varied climatic conditions. The average rainfall that South Sikkim receives in a year is 162.5 cm. The summer months last here from April to June, and the temperature is pleasantly moderate for tourism which is around 25 degrees celsius and on very sunny days can reach up to 30 degrees Celcius in the month of May. The breeze blowing does help in being great relief and almost does not let one feel the hotness of temperature. Monsoons arrive by mid-June and South Sikkim receives very heavy rainfall during the months of July to September. Though rain is common all throughout the year being a hilly place, these three months receive the most out of all. Roads and passes often feel the brunt as the heavy rain leads to landslides and mudslides causing wavy damage finally leading to the closure of the routes for some days. The month of September - October is the autumn period where there are clear and bright skies after the monsoons. Tourist activities resume with great energy as people from different parts of the world come to witness the rejuvenated mountains and forest after the monsoons.
While the weather is moderately pleasant till this time, it gets harshly cold to alpine cold at some places in the months of winter which come next and last from November till February. Many places receive snowfall and a layer of snowfall sheet can be seen at higher altitude areas. It might get uncomfortable for one who is not adapted to that level of cold but undoubtedly one experiences Sikkim in a very different during winters. And the last is the season of blooms and blossoms, the spring. Prevailing during the month of March, the wildlife especially the fauna displays its true beauty now. Many trekking trails get reopened and probably is the best time to participate in one to see the untamed natural beauty that the wilder ess holds for everyone.

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