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Thangu valley

Thangu valley is a small village at an altitude of 3962 m and near to the town of Lachen, on its way to the Gurudongmar Lake. This valley is in the Alpine range of the Himalayas and a very different lifestyle can be seen here among the locals that help in the harsh day-to-day life which comes due to the altitude. The houses are small and cozy, and the inhabitants still use old traditional methods of cooking and running errands. Most houses have a kitchen garden and shed.
The valley comprises alpine meadows that are flanked by shimmering water of the Teesta river along with the Chopta, Thangu, and Lassur rivers. Being closer to the military base, there’s always close surveillance by the army, and photography is restricted in places here.
For all around the year, Thangu is mostly covered with snow due to its high altitude. Summer months during May and June are the only time of the year where the routes open to this place for tourists and the valley becomes alive with Apline flowers blossom.

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