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Mangan is the district headquarters of the North district and is the gateway to the north of Sikkim. Located at an altitude of 956m, it is a town that is quickly gaining popularity as a tourist destination. Mangan is renowned as the Cardamom capital of India, for its extensive cardamom fields and production of the best quality cardamoms.
Mangan as majestic it looks soaked in a deep aura of Buddhism with colorful prayer flags fluttering all around and chanting of Buddhist mantras reverberating in the air, it simply makes for a tranquil place to just sit back, relax and meditate connecting oneself with the ultimate supreme power.
As Mangan sees heavy snowfall during the winter months and most of the routes are closed, the best time to visit this heaven is between the months of March to June when it is pleasant the most.
Mangan is well connected to the towns of Gangtok and Singtam by roads and travelers can reach the place easily by hiring a taxi.

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