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Coronation Throne of Norbugang

Simple monastery complex with very old relics & building. This place is about 20 minutes walk from the main yuksom bazaar and about 10 minutes from the Kathok lake. Its a must visit and take a guide along with you to know the history of the place.oronation throne is also called the meeting place of 3 monks. This place has a lot of history as it was also the 1st capital of Sikkim. One also need ticket to enter into monastery.It was a quiet and calm place, very sacred to locals there. The footprints of one of the monks can still be seen there.The moment you enter through the gate of the coronation throne, you feel like you have been taken back in the time of the Namgyals.
This place is also every botanist's dream. A lot of rare and indigenous trees and plants can be found here. 

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