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Sikkim always amazed us with its beauty. Being recognized as one of the cleanest city, it not only offers you the heart melting view but most scenic places like west Sikkim which lies in the lap of nature and Himalayas.  

Getting In in Sikkim:

Entry to Sikkim is only through the state of West Bengal. Sikkim State buses regularly ply between Siliguri and Gangtok.

Nearest railway station is at New Jalpaiguri in the state of West Bengal. From Delhi and Kolkata, trains can be booked upto New Jalpaiguri; from where, buses, jeeps and taxis can be hired till Gangtok.

If you are planning a trip by plane, then the nearest airport is at Bagdogra from where you can take a taxi to Gangtok. Several flights from Delhi and Kolkata fly regularly to Bagdogra.

It is mind numbingly cold on the peak, so pack appropriately. Some tips:

Instead of bulky jackets, try to include many layers of clothing. I.e. a thin sweater, a body warmer.Invest in a good pair of gloves.Carry plenty of socks( Cotton/Woollen ones).To play in the snow, you don't need to carry any gear, as you can always rent it all at the base.the rest of the place is not that cold.

Medicines: Carry your first aid kid. the air is very thin on the top, so if you are asthmatic/ have breathing problems, make sure you carry appropriate medicines. The roads are tricky, and if you are not used to it, so something to combat the motion sickness, and to stop vomiting would be preferable. Other essentials like pain killers, antibiotics, etc. should be included. Women should carry pads, or whatever they use, as a precaution.

Food :If you are not used to North- Eastern food, or are not open to trying out new cuisines, do pack some dry food items like Biscuits/ Cookies, as it might be difficult to get perfect Indian food for you.

Documents Needed:Carry photocopies of your identity proof, passport size photographs, and essential travel contact book (a physical book, not on phone). At many places, you will be asked to take permits, so you will need all those and lastly most carry a camera with you because the view will definitely going to amazed you.


1.Peling and Geyzing,

2. Barsey, Okhrey Village and Rhodenderon Sanctuary

3.Dentam Valley



6.Uttarey  and many more.

Must visit sikkim if you are looking for a break from busy going schedule.

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