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Smell the rhododendrons

Rhododendron forests are a very important habitat for the survival of fauna and flora of high altitudes. The blooming of Rhododendron arbo-reum in Himalayan foothills signals the onset of spring.The sensitivity of these plants, attributing the flowering phenology to an increase in temperature found in super abundance and in a riot of colors mostly in sub-alpine and alpine regions they cover complete hillsides in a blaze of beauty. Rhododendron Niveum has also been declared as the State Tree of Sikkim. Colorful Rhododendron and refreshing smell of it makes the state as one of the best tourist spot. The breathtakingly beautiful, dotted with lush ferns and cherry blossom trees, a scenic view of your lifetime experience. Most visit Sikkim especially in spring time to see the nature dancing in joy and enjoy  the mind refreshing smell, which will definitely take you to another world. 

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